What Studs Should My Horse Wear ?

  The power comes from behind so needs to be given stability with studs. The front feet need to slip slightly as this is the natural way the foot works so be careful not to over stud.

  • Better to be bigger behind and smaller in front. I always use a rounded one on the inside to minimise injury if the horse steps on himself.
  • Soft, muddy ground larger, rounder stud (bottom 4 in photo)
  • Hard ground but slippery grass, pointed studs (top 4 in photo)
  • For the Dressage phase try to keep them smaller, only to stop the horse slipping on corners or smaller circles and not to over stud which could make him choppy in his movement.  
  • For the Show Jumper you need to give stability to his hind legs and if you are riding jump off’s you need to stud in front to stop him slipping. Remember over studding in front can be harder on their joints.
  • For X country you need to give good support behind and a little in front.
  • I use 1-4 ( bottom 4) for Xc and Sj behind. 4 is my inside stud as it is rounder
  • 5-8 ( top 4 ) is for fronts in Xc and Sj 8 is my inside stud
  • 6-8 are used for Dressage
  • The metal plate is magnetic and is fantastic. Never lose a stud in the grass again. I got it from Supercheap Auto. 
  • If you have any questions please don't hesitate to message me either by email . kirstin71kelly@gmail.com or Facebook ,Kirstin Kelly Equestrian.