Join K.M.P Mentoring Program

Do you want great results?

If you appreciate the content I am creating and would benefit from
having a mentor to give you advice, encouragement and support,
then join my tribe of "K.M.P" students.    

Signing up for K.M.P , Knowledge-Mindset and Practice online mentoring program means you get to totally understand the proven training systems I have used to create beautifully schooled, successful competition horses over the years.                                                                  

 I train you to have the right Mindset to achieve all your goals, we work together to keep you motivated to achieve these goals.

 You'll add videos to our private Facebook group so I can critique your riding and give you tips and exercises to improve your horses  style,  strength and skills  as well as keeping you focused on achieving satisfaction from your schooling sessions.

Each week attend "live" Q and A sessions where I answer questions anything from "how do I start teaching my youngster to jump" to "how do I test for unsoundness", I cover all horsemanship as well as riding support. 
Also included is Two Zoom lessons so we can work on anything in real time that your having issues with. 

The K.M.P Mentoring  Program is to support you, encourage you and teach you how to get the absolute most from your horse and your riding. 

I regularly hold webinars explaining the K.M.P system so if you'd
like to find out more please email me


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