A weekly plan to increase fitness.

Horse Fitness

There are a couple of  things to consider when working your horse. You need to do a variety of work that builds stronger muscles, develops clear lungs and increases heart function. 

To build muscle ,we should be schooling in Dressage/Flat work and Jumping . Every movement on the flat is designed to make the horse supple and stronger so keep his work sessions varied with all the different exercises you know. Jumping exercises should increase his strength to push up off the ground  so pole work, raised poles and grids are great for this.

To develop his lungs and heart , you need to increase his heart rate and respiration . This work is either fast work or hill work. Exercise that makes him pump blood around his body and breath harder. If you have a steep enough hill this can be achieved even at the walk. I plan to make a video with a heart rate monitor on the horse so you can see exactly how effective hills are .

Each week try to plan ahead, one fitness ride, three- four schooling sessions, one- two days of exercise and a rest day. When you start competing it will change slightly as one or two of those schooling sessions will be a competition. After a fitness session the horse needs three days to recover before the next fitness stress. Exercise is going for a hack or trotting in the forest, keeps the horse happy and relaxed.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to message me either by email . kirstin71kelly@gmail.com or Facebook ,Kirstin Kelly Equestrian.