Sweating, Electrolytes and Cooling Off

  • Horses cool themselves off by producing sweat, as the water evaporates it has a cooling effect on the skin. It is normal to produce sweat when working hard esp when the weather is warmer. If your horse isn’t sweating when working hard it could be a warning sign he is suffering from “Anhidrosis” and should be checked by the vet.
  • Feeding salt daily keeps the horse drinking and thus staying well hydrated. If your horse has a good work out and is sweaty then giving him electrolytes as these replace the minerals that are dissolved in his body fluids . Electrolytes protect him from dehydration and regulate muscle function. They only need to be fed on the days when he has sweated, the rest of the time salt is adequate.
  • Cooling off a hot sweaty horse quickly is the most important thing to remember.
  • 1.Get his tack off and hose him immediately , scrape the water off . If it is humid the water sitting on his coat will create an insulating layer that slows cooling.
  • 2. If your horse is very hot after a xc run , it is best to hose him more than once and scrape off again . Walking him around till his breathing is back to normal.

                     3. Offer him water but the horse’s response to thirst is slower than a human so they can take longer to start drinking.

                      4. You can offer a small feed with electrolytes as soon as he is cool and he wants to eat.



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