No Foot, No Horse

After weeks of rain and mud I thought I'd share a few tips from Farrier's I trust.
In an ideal world - it wouldn't rain this much !!!

In the next ideal you would put your horse in a yard for a couple of hours per day so the hooves get a chance to dry out . Being constantly water logged can cause a few problems:

  1. the soles become very soft and prone to bruising
  2. the frog gets thrush from standing in mud/poo and never getting a chance to dry out.

If you can wash the soles and the frog then allow them to dry on a hard surface . Paint the soles with Stockholm Tar , or Keratex also sell a great product Sole hardener , as does Phil Robinson ( vet) . If your horse ever has smelly feet / frogs it is Thrush and you need to really clean inside the cleft of the frog and use Vaseline mixed with Bluestone (one little tub mixed with tablespoon of Bluestone).

Mainline farrier shop sells a heap of great products for horses feet .