Meet your new trainer

Meet Kirstin Kelly, this video is an introduction to her new concept "trainer in my pocket". Kirstin talks about what she is offering riders everywhere. She has lived the dream since leaving school at nineteen. Kirstin studied in the U.K achieving her British Horse Society Intermediate Instructors Certificate (B.H.S.I.I) enabling her to coach riders to fund her own three-day eventing dreams. Kirstin has had a long, successful career. She represented New Zealand several times, competed at Adelaide 4-star and was long listed for Sydney Olympics.

As well she produced a string of fantastic advanced horses, three of which went on to compete in the World Equestrian Games and Olympics. Kirstin has produced over one hundred competition horses that she exported to the U.S and U.K.

Kirstin spends her days schooling horses for clients and coaching. She uses her social media platforms to reach as many riders as possible, always encouraging riders to give it your all, believe in yourself and make today count towards a positive difference. 

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