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Cross Country Training - jumping combinations

How to ride a cross country combination

Kirstin Kelly is training riders through x country combinations. Kirstin teaches how to walk the distances between the jumps, riding up and down dips, accurate riding and the difference between schooling pace and competition pace and the different levels.

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Cross Country Training - jumping banks

How to ride a cross country bank jump

Kirstin is teaching young riders at Papatoetoe Pony club how to jump a x-country combination of a drop off a bank to a skinny box. Kirstin explains the “defensive position” which allows the riders to land balanced and enable safe,confident x-country riding.

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Cross Country Training - jumping water jumps

Cross country water jump training

Kirstin Kelly Equestrian trains riders how to ride a water fence in a x country. Kirstin talks about the “defensive position” to keep you secure and safe as your horse jumps down into the water.

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Kirstin Kelly - Introduction to Cross Country Training Series

Introduction to cross country training series

Kirstin gives an overview of her x-country training series which overs water jumps, ditches, banks and combinations. She gives advice on how to build confidence and trust between horse and rider and two point position for safe cross country riding.

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