Briar Watson went from having rails in every 1.10m round….

To placing in every class and confidently jumping 1.30m in ONE YEAR.

Briar and I have worked together to give her the knowledge she needs to understand

-the quality canter and the exercises to achieve it every round

- how to stay calm, focused and to have a winning mindset

- exercises to keep her horse relaxed, sharp off the ground and confident

In her first season Briar was making rookie mistakes, having feeding and grass management issues, getting really despondent that neither her or the horse were ever going to jump clear rounds. Together Kirstin and Briar have analysed her rounds, worked out the problems, got the horses feeding, shoeing and stable management sorted and they have been going from strength to strength.

In her first three shows her results show how much progress she has made

-7th 1.10m Woodhill

2nd 1.15m Woodhill

1st 1.15m Woodhill

5th 1.20m Woodhill

3rd 1.15m ASJG

2nd 1.20m ASJG

5th 1.25m Ashburton

2nd 1.25m Ashburton

https://youtu.be/7ynaJZPZO9k Briar schooling 1.30 m at NEC